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5 Smart Tips To Boost Your Freelancing

The freelance industry is slowly but increasingly developing. Nowadays, more talented people and tech firms are becoming more receptive to the possibility of working and recruiting remote workers.

The best part of becoming a freelancer is getting the ability to set your timetable and make your own rules. However, this could also be the hardest part of all. Without the usual structure of the workplace world, many freelancers find themselves confused at the end. Getting the best out of your working day can be difficult. So, to improve, we’re presenting some basic ways that freelancers can boost their productivity.

Here are 5 tips that can help you to boost your freelancing:

1: Set your working hours

Having fixed working hours provides a sense of responsibility and emphasizes your time, making you less likely to spend it frivolously. Create a consistent workday routine and adhere to it. If you plan to start work at 10:00 a.m. every morning, then get up, be ready and get to work on time. Follow this maxim and it will gradually improve your productivity. 

2: Try to stay away from distractions: 

One of the downsides of working from home is that it’s easy for you to get distracted. There are social media, gadgets, Netflix, house chores, etc. And if you have children or pets that demand your attention, staying focused now and then can sometimes be a challenge. What you can do is set up a home office where you can be isolated from any kind of distraction at home.

3: Create To-Do lists: 

You must have experienced your brain giving you a random idea or reminded you of a random task, all of a sudden. It’s best to write down tasks like this to create a to-do list. You should also create to-do lists for home and work projects and tasks. It helps your brain to remain focused on the task at hand.

4: Track your time: 

It’s not unusual to start surfing social media for five minutes and end up losing an hour of your crucial time. Where practicable, you should keep track of your time, and even if you don’t, you should still control your time. If you know where your time is going, you will stop doing unproductive things and work on actual projects.

5: Structure your work:

As a freelancer, you’re always juggling through different projects and working for several organizations. Managing several deadlines when producing high-quality results can be time-consuming, which is why it is important to structure the freelance work. Your customers are counting on you to deliver on time. So, make sure you keep track of all the due dates and deliverables. The best way to do this is to use the Google Calendar.

Try to assemble files for various tasks for your convenience. Often, when you’re going to be working on several tasks every day, consider batching matching projects. This strategy will improve your concentration and allow you to do more with less time.

At Surejobz App, we are big believers in the power and possibilities in the freelance world. We are here to support and grow the Gig Economy. We want to give all you freelancers (and aspiring freelancers) access to knowledge and resources that can help get you noticed and get you the gigs to build your financial success. You are welcome to reach out to us for tips and advice. We are here for you!

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5 Falsehoods About Freelancing

In our previous articles, we wrote about the future and considerations to look at when freelancing. There are numerous misconceptions on the positive and negative implications of what it means to be a freelancer.

Freelancing has become a very common career option these days. However, many people have misunderstandings about the entire concept of what freelancing is and what freelancers’ work would be like.

Getting the wrong concept of freelance might have an incredible effect on your decision if you have ever thought of being a freelancer. Those who are already freelancing may be familiar with what happens when they tell a human what they’re doing for a living.

Here today we will tell you five false facts about freelancing, these are as follows:

1. Freelance Jobs Are Not Full-Time

The flexible nature of freelancing causes some people to do so alongside their daily work, like a side-by-side business. However, the majority of freelancers are in full-time employment, their only or prime source of income.

2. Freelancers Don’t Have A Boss

As a freelancer, you are for the most part in control of yourself and handle your own time and workload, so you are indeed your boss. It’s equally as true, that working with a client gives you someone to report to. And to excel, you must follow their standards and perform on defined timescales.

3. Freelancing Is Less Stressful Than A Regular Job

Freelancing means you are a single-man show. You are responsible for marketing, customer satisfaction, contract closing, invoice and payment monitoring, and even other roles and services. Sometimes it becomes a lot for a person to handle alone and you will get minimal free time for yourself.

4. Freelancers Are Unprofessional

Often a thought involves freelancing which means lounging at home in comfortable clothes. And while it’s true that freelance work isn’t tied up with the standards that come with working in offices, it’s unfair to think about someone as unprofessional immediately. The way you approach and communicate with clients is just as critical for stable start-up and return work as networking. Sometimes clients may even regularly invite you to work from their offices that keeps you committed to being professional.

5. Freelancers Only Do Things That Excites Them

You can be your boss, but eventually, your clients pull the strings. You will get jobs that will attract you based on clients’ needs, because your interest falls in that area, whereas you will have to focus on boring and demanding tasks another day. You have the freedom of saying no to a boring job, but you can’t risk turning off a freelance job because it’s boring.

At Surejobz App, we are big believers in the power and possibilities in the freelance world. We are here to support and grow the Gig Economy. We want to give all you freelancers (and aspiring freelancers) access to knowledge and resources that can help get you noticed and get you the gigs to build your financial success. You are welcome to reach out to us for tips and advice. We are here for you!

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3 Considerations To Look At When Opting For Gig Work

In our previous article, we gave 5 great reasons to hire in the gig economy. The gig economy has outstanding sides, but it still has a very unpredictable dimension. Some people thrive well on this scheme, while others find it a challenge. Here today we will share some pitfalls to avoid to secure your gig work. These are as follows:

  1. No Additional Benefits and Inconsistent Incomes

Once you’ve been in business for yourself, you are responsible for your own benefits. And that means it’s up to you to make the benefits. Yeah, you can pick when you’re working and when you’re not working, but the fact is, you don’t get paid if you’re not working. And, as a gig worker, you’re not going to get health care or other perks, either.

2. Need for More Discipline

Individual employees in a gig economy may possess a great deal of flexibility, but this independence may also give rise to a sense of indiscipline. As they claim, there is a great deal of accountability, so that staff would have to demonstrate even more determination to finish projects on time, to ensure consumers of product quality, while also showing greater resistance to possible refusals, or even greater consumer inspection.

3. Taxes

Seeing that employers are not paying the income tax on your behalf, you contribute your own. Be careful not to mess with the problems of figuring out your tax.

At Surejobz App, we are big believers in the power and opportunity of the freelance community. We’re here to help and expand the Gig Economy. We want to give all of you freelancers (and aspiring freelancers) access to information and tools that will help you get noticed and get the gigs to build your financial success. You are welcome to email us for tips and advice. We’re here with you!


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5 Essential Tips for Freelance Success

Freelancing opens up a world of opportunities. If you can make the gig economy your happy place, then the world is your oyster. Many people do it very successfully. We at Surejobz are trying to bridge the gap between online and offline work.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, you should not expect instant success. Freelancers can face a lot of challenges, especially if you are new to the gig scene and looking for projects/jobs to complete and be rated positively for.

These are the top 5 tips that we believe can make your freelance experience a successful one:

  1. Working across the globe

Working as a freelancer, you will have access to plenty of clients across the globe. The more clients you can attract, from different parts of the world, who leave great reviews, the better your chances of sealing the deal on more and more gigs. 

And… depending on where you are located in the world, it could mean that you have access to clients from economies that tend to have bigger spend budgets than your typical local client. That’s a plus!

  1. Managing Time

Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom of working outside the regular 9-5, but don’t be fooled by the word “freedom”. Yes, you have more flexibility in your schedule, but some people struggle without a good structure to their day. The onus is on you to create a structure that keeps you productive and balances all necessary aspects of your life. 

Most importantly: stay focused on the task(s) at hand! Deliverables for all clients must be given on time. An unreliable freelancer has a short-lived career! 

  1. Client Needs and Wants 

The client’s needs and wants will change over time during a project. You are going to have to learn to manage that. Get as much clarity upfront as possible. Make sure that you have documented client briefs, clear up any ambiguity, and set the defined scope of work. 

Be prepared to go with the flow to some extent, but be clear on when requests may fall significantly out of scope. And above all, keep communication open and transparent. Remember to manage the client’s expectation with regards to final outcome.

  1. Scheduling Time Off

Being your boss as a freelancer does not mean you need to overwork yourself. Take a break once in a while to have a fresh perspective and keep those creative juices flowing. 

  1. Branding

Freelancing works on building trust and goodwill among your clients. There are so many freelancers to choose from, that having a strong brand will set you apart from the rest. One of the ways to build this credibility is by having client references or testimonials on your website or social media pages. 

Life as a freelancer is exciting as well as unpredictable. You will need to be adaptable to have a long-term career as a freelancer. We want to make sure that you have the best tools in hand to have every chance of success. That’s why we developed Surejobz App: we’re on a mission to support freelancers to get the online and offline gigs they deserve and build the lifestyle of their choosing. 


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