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5 Tips To Optimize Your Freelancer Profile

Choosing a freelance career instead of a traditional 9-to-5 job may sound like a life-changing decision, but becoming a niche professional who knows how to build an outstanding freelance profile would help you excel. Working as a freelancer has its benefits, but attracting new customers can also be very difficult. Knowing how to market yourself as a freelancer is key if you want to be able to retain new buyers and gain a full-time salary. All it takes is a little time and research to find out what freelance employers want, and how they’re looking for new recruits on freelancing and other sites. 

Here’s how to optimize your freelance profile in 5 simple steps.

1: Write a Title That’s Clear, Concise, and Effective

Your title is meant to get right to the point. We recommend you “keep it short and sweet”, so you don’t get bogged down in terms. After all, you’re going to have the chance to talk about yourself with in-depth with flair in the profile itself. What you need to do is add the following three pieces of information:

  • Title
  • Years of experience
  • Speciality

Through these three main components, you’ll be able to articulate your basic skills and expertise which is always enough to help you get beyond your original work posters.

2: Articulate the value you’re going to bring

Instead of discussing “what,” emphasis on “how.” How have you been able to raise your customer’s market sales? How did you turn a client’s office into a dream job?

People are far more impressed by your ability to solve challenges and drive outcomes than by the precise specifics of what you do.

3: Add your best work examples in your portfolio:

Your portfolio is almost sure to attract the interest of a new client. It’s your opportunity to show not just tell the nature of your work and the merit of your experience.

Choose the works that represent your niche and helps you prove your specialization. If your talents are not especially visual, strive to find imaginative ways to illustrate the difficulty behind each sample and how your work has had an impact.

4: Upload a professional profile photo:

This is a quick tip, but it’s really relevant to the overall reputation of your freelance profile. You should post a professional, good-looking picture so it shows that there is a real person behind your profile. What you need is a pleasant close-up of your smiling face. Of course, your clothing should look tidy and clean, making you look smart.

5: Update your profile regularly:

Your freelance profile is not a get-and-forget asset. Usually, it needs daily checks. You will need to review your online profile or redesign your resume whenever acquire more experience or receive another credential. Please review your profile every few months to update the copy or add some new experiences.

At Surejobz App, we are big believers in the power and possibilities in the freelance world. We are here to support and grow the Gig Economy. We want to give all you freelancers (and aspiring freelancers) access to knowledge and resources that can help get you noticed and get you the gigs to build your financial success. You are welcome to reach out to us for tips and advice. We are here for you!

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