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5 Falsehoods About Freelancing

In our previous articles, we wrote about the future and considerations to look at when freelancing. There are numerous misconceptions on the positive and negative implications of what it means to be a freelancer.

Freelancing has become a very common career option these days. However, many people have misunderstandings about the entire concept of what freelancing is and what freelancers’ work would be like.

Getting the wrong concept of freelance might have an incredible effect on your decision if you have ever thought of being a freelancer. Those who are already freelancing may be familiar with what happens when they tell a human what they’re doing for a living.

Here today we will tell you five false facts about freelancing, these are as follows:

1. Freelance Jobs Are Not Full-Time

The flexible nature of freelancing causes some people to do so alongside their daily work, like a side-by-side business. However, the majority of freelancers are in full-time employment, their only or prime source of income.

2. Freelancers Don’t Have A Boss

As a freelancer, you are for the most part in control of yourself and handle your own time and workload, so you are indeed your boss. It’s equally as true, that working with a client gives you someone to report to. And to excel, you must follow their standards and perform on defined timescales.

3. Freelancing Is Less Stressful Than A Regular Job

Freelancing means you are a single-man show. You are responsible for marketing, customer satisfaction, contract closing, invoice and payment monitoring, and even other roles and services. Sometimes it becomes a lot for a person to handle alone and you will get minimal free time for yourself.

4. Freelancers Are Unprofessional

Often a thought involves freelancing which means lounging at home in comfortable clothes. And while it’s true that freelance work isn’t tied up with the standards that come with working in offices, it’s unfair to think about someone as unprofessional immediately. The way you approach and communicate with clients is just as critical for stable start-up and return work as networking. Sometimes clients may even regularly invite you to work from their offices that keeps you committed to being professional.

5. Freelancers Only Do Things That Excites Them

You can be your boss, but eventually, your clients pull the strings. You will get jobs that will attract you based on clients’ needs, because your interest falls in that area, whereas you will have to focus on boring and demanding tasks another day. You have the freedom of saying no to a boring job, but you can’t risk turning off a freelance job because it’s boring.

At Surejobz App, we are big believers in the power and possibilities in the freelance world. We are here to support and grow the Gig Economy. We want to give all you freelancers (and aspiring freelancers) access to knowledge and resources that can help get you noticed and get you the gigs to build your financial success. You are welcome to reach out to us for tips and advice. We are here for you!

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