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3 Pitfalls To Avoid As a Freelancer

In our previous article, we wrote about why freelancing is a great way to build your career and financial future. In case you hadn’t noticed, we are huge fans of the Gig Economy and we support all kinds of freelancers: from digital marketers, to dog walkers, yoga instructors to garden landscapers and language coaches!

You name it!

But let’s be honest… there are risks involved. The biggest difference between freelancing and being employed is that there is less of a safety net for you. Let’s face it, as an employee you probably had off-days here and there, when you weren’t at your best, and that was okay as long as you performed well over time. 

As a freelancer, there’s a lot less slack. You have to deliver your best every time. Every day. Or else you can lose a customer. You can get bad ratings. And that matters a lot!

So we wanted to talk about the common pitfalls that creep into freelancing world and how to avoid them so that you are super successful:

  1. Time Management

When first starting out it can be hard to try to estimate how long a job will take. You need some experience to develop your time management.

Schedule your days so that you don’t get stressed about too many deliverables in one day.

Don’t forget to set aside at least one, preferably two days a week to do no work. You should not work overtime.

  1. Lack of Professional Attitude

Freelancing doesn’t mean to work with your PJs. So, you need a professional attitude. Get dressed and get ready for the day. 

Get a dedicated work area. Always work in there, not in bed!

Make a working schedule. At a minimum, 3 hours like 9 am — 12 pm. Whatever works for you. 

  1. Communication Failures

You may like to communicate via email or message. But this can also create misunderstanding.

Jumping on a quick call is a safer option other than confusing emails or messages back and forth. It’ll help break the ice and will get the answers to your questions faster, and more efficiently.

These 3 points may seem really simple, but they make a huge difference. They will help you get into your professional freelancer groove, develop good habits and make them stick. They will create a great impression in the market, so that 1 gig leads to a repeat customer, who then becomes your raving fan. 

And when you have raving fans, then you’ve made it to the top! 

At Surejobz App, we are big believers in the power and possibilities in the freelance world. We are here to support and grow the Gig Economy. We want to give all you freelancers (and aspiring freelancers) access to knowledge and resources that can help get you noticed and get you the gigs to build your financial success. You are welcome to reach out to us for tips and advice. We are here for you!

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