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5 Essential Tips for Freelance Success

Freelancing opens up a world of opportunities. If you can make the gig economy your happy place, then the world is your oyster. Many people do it very successfully. We at Surejobz are trying to bridge the gap between online and offline work.

Unfortunately, like most things in life, you should not expect instant success. Freelancers can face a lot of challenges, especially if you are new to the gig scene and looking for projects/jobs to complete and be rated positively for.

These are the top 5 tips that we believe can make your freelance experience a successful one:

  1. Working across the globe

Working as a freelancer, you will have access to plenty of clients across the globe. The more clients you can attract, from different parts of the world, who leave great reviews, the better your chances of sealing the deal on more and more gigs. 

And… depending on where you are located in the world, it could mean that you have access to clients from economies that tend to have bigger spend budgets than your typical local client. That’s a plus!

  1. Managing Time

Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom of working outside the regular 9-5, but don’t be fooled by the word “freedom”. Yes, you have more flexibility in your schedule, but some people struggle without a good structure to their day. The onus is on you to create a structure that keeps you productive and balances all necessary aspects of your life. 

Most importantly: stay focused on the task(s) at hand! Deliverables for all clients must be given on time. An unreliable freelancer has a short-lived career! 

  1. Client Needs and Wants 

The client’s needs and wants will change over time during a project. You are going to have to learn to manage that. Get as much clarity upfront as possible. Make sure that you have documented client briefs, clear up any ambiguity, and set the defined scope of work. 

Be prepared to go with the flow to some extent, but be clear on when requests may fall significantly out of scope. And above all, keep communication open and transparent. Remember to manage the client’s expectation with regards to final outcome.

  1. Scheduling Time Off

Being your boss as a freelancer does not mean you need to overwork yourself. Take a break once in a while to have a fresh perspective and keep those creative juices flowing. 

  1. Branding

Freelancing works on building trust and goodwill among your clients. There are so many freelancers to choose from, that having a strong brand will set you apart from the rest. One of the ways to build this credibility is by having client references or testimonials on your website or social media pages. 

Life as a freelancer is exciting as well as unpredictable. You will need to be adaptable to have a long-term career as a freelancer. We want to make sure that you have the best tools in hand to have every chance of success. That’s why we developed Surejobz App: we’re on a mission to support freelancers to get the online and offline gigs they deserve and build the lifestyle of their choosing. 


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